Challengers head back to School

LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby challengers David Fenton, Jess Cheesman and Tamara Taylor went back to school for the day to visit the bike and bounce project at Highbury School in Rastrick. Highbury is a specialist school providing highly specialist education for children with a wide range of complex special educational needs and disabilities from ages 3-11.
The challengers had to behave themselves in the assembly, which was led by Debbie Sweet, the Head. They were then allowed to let out their inner child during the fun activities in the games area, which previously had been a derelict piece of land at the school. Thanks to a grant from Wooden Spoon Yorkshire, this piece of land has been brought back to life in the form of a multi use games area marked out with a mini roadway for cycling. A new garage houses the bikes of all shapes and sizes so that there is something for all of the children, from those using normal bikes to the wheelchair adapted bikes
It was a great opportunity for the challengers to see first hand how the funds that they are raising for Wooden Spoon could positively improve the lives of children with a disability or facing disadvantage in the UK and Ireland. The memory of this visit will hopefully stay with them when it gets tough on the mountain.

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