Day 10 Second training trek

Today is Day 3 in Everest base camp and the challengers had the opportunity to do a second trek, one that offered a different challenge to yesterday’s – The trek was shorter but steeper and far more trickier.

Unfortunately the team had to abort towards the top as there were some concerns as to how stable the ground was. They were on a steep incline and some large, unstable rocks and boulders. A debate ensued as to whether they should continue but safety took priority and they decided to head back to base camp.

This has been another day of extremes with it being pretty hot when they first set off, only for the weather to change quickly and become quite cold with some snow, then back to hot again as they approached base camp.

Huw Lougher said ” What is clear is that if anyone was doubting how much of a challenge this was going to be, they are not any more. The combination of the altitude, which is making a lot of people feel below par, the lack of sleep (or the poor quality sleep in pretty extreme conditions) and also a few bugs going around camp (diarrhoea, sickness, colds etc) is meaning most aren’t feeling great but despite this the spirit in the team is still good”

What lies ahead is going to test the team to its limit especially as they move up to intermediate and advanced base camp but it’s clear that the whole team is all up for the challenges that lie ahead.

Text Everest5 to 70085 to support the challengers or click here.

Text Everest5 to 70085 to support the challengers or click here.