Day 11 Trek to 5,750 metres

Last night the challengers were treated to a talk by Charlie who is Swiss and has run north Everest Base Camp for the last 19 years and has reached the summit of Everest 7 times! Generally the evenings in the mess tent have been fun so far with card games and quizzes. The challengers are beginning to get used to nights in their tents and had more sleep last night as the temperature was not as cold as the first few nights.

Today, the challengers went on another acclimatisation trek passing this stunning ice waterfall on the way.

Stunning ice waterfall

They walked for close to 9 hours, partly up an ice river (glacier) which was exhausting for everyone. The goal today was to reach a higher altitude, which they did (up to 5,750 metres) So, it was a successful day in terms of putting in the work to prepare for the next stage which will be climbing to intermediate and advanced base camp.

The descent was trickier than the ascent due to the ice, the team had to test each step with their walking poles as water had thawed underneath the top layer of ice. The weather continues to change very quickly so it’s a case of T-shirt one minute to layers the next.

The team stopped to enjoy a packed lunch of ham and cheese sandwich, guava juice and a chocolate biscuit (like a Tibetan meal deal!) which was prepared for them by the kitchen Sherpas at base camp.

The challengers are being tested to the limits with altitude sickness hitting various people randomly but they are all in good spirits and supporting each other.  The pressure is on now, though to get to a higher altitude.  Those who completed the trek today are feeling a great sense of achievement.

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