Day 13 Trek to Intermediate Camp

After yesterday’s touch rugby world record break, today our LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challengers ventured up to Intermediate Base Camp which stands at 5,760 metres.

View of Everest from Base Camp


Matt Mitchell during one of the afternoon rest breaks said: “We’re on our way to Intermediate Base Camp, it’s about 4.30pm and the team has stopped for a break on a glacier. It’s been a challenging trek, but we’re nearly at intermediate, we can feel it that we are almost there, with about an hour to go.”

He continued; “It’s epic, it’s the highest we’ve been so far and the scenery is fantastic.”

Simon Wright said: “It’s incredibly hard; we’ve been travelling since 9.30am with 10 min breaks every hour or so. It’s physically exhausting. We’re now at 5,700 metres and it’s hard, even trying to drink is difficult because whilst you’re drinking you’re not breathing. So it’s a real struggle, but the scenery is absolutely stunning. We’re in a glacial valley currently walking up the side of that and it’s just stunning.”

Jeff Broderick added: “Amazing scenery, amazing day and the sun has played a much bigger part in the day than I thought. It’s been there on our shoulder all day. We’ve got some red faces, maybe from huff and puff or maybe through a little bit of bronzing! But we are all still here; the team are pulling each other up and down the hills. We’re looking forward to a big hug when we get to intermediate and call it a day!”

The team is in good spirits and all is good on the mountain. They will spend the night at Intermediate Base Camp before continuing on to Advanced Base Camp (6,340 metres) on Saturday.

Everest - back pack

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