Day 16 Checking the Pitch

During the rest day yesterday at Advanced Base Camp people were struggling to get around camp and they stayed in their tents resting.  Everyone did, however, managed to congregate in the main tent where they came up with a plan that eight of the challengers would head down to the identified pitch area, where the game will be played, to check that the pitch is suitable and safe to play the match.

Rob Callaway, who ventured out with the reconnaissance group (described by Matt Mitchell as the elite ninja group) said

“We were roped together for the risk of crevasses through the Rongbuk glacier which is beautiful but challenging, it took us about half an hour to get there, we went from extremely cold to extremely hot – a furnace it was described as. A very pretty route to the pitch with some challenging climbs and descents up and over the glacier.

When the team arrived at the pitch, they set about checking how safe it was: Rob Callaway said

“It was quite difficult, still roped together due to the risk of crevasses and we spread ourselves out along the side of this pitch where the area had been marked out, we had to walk it all roped together so I think we were about thirty five metres long : eight of us on a rope.”

The small group headed back to advanced base camp to report back that they found no crevasses on the pitch and only two exposed areas of ice, which they will be able to work around. The feedback has helped form the plan for tomorrow, which is GAME DAY and the challengers will be leaving very early in the morning.

There is a buzz in the camp and everyone is feeling extremely excited about the prospect of breaking a world record for the highest game of full contact rugby in history.

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