Day 3 in Lhasa

Today the challengers have been sightseeing in Lhasa to acclimatise to the new height at 3,600 metres.

Potala Palace Everest Rugby

“We’re definitely feeling the difference in altitude now” says Matt Mitchell, Wooden Spoon Rugby Manager. Although I think we are still recovering from jet lag too.”

“Some of us have been suffering with headaches, increased thirst, trouble sleeping and visiting the toilet a lot more. However, it is only day 2 at this height, and we know to take things easy. Paracetamol is helping with the headaches.

Lhasa Everest Rugby

“Group morale is really good. We have been sampling some great Nepalese food and visited the Polata Palace.”

Sitting atop marpo ri, or red hill, the Potala Palace lords over the city of Lhasa. The Potala is 13 stories high and holds countless treasures in its many rooms. Built in 637 AD, the Potala has been home to the Dalai Lama lineage for more than a thousand years.

“We all made it to the top of the monastery today, which is a good start to the trip.”  Says Matt.