The teams are announced

Motivational speaker – Ed Jackson

The day was kicked off by an inspirational speech from Ed Jackson, the former rugby star who was paralysed from the neck down after a swimming pool accident and was told he may never walk again and yet less than a year after the accident, through sheer grit and determination he conquered Mount Snowden whilst raising funds for the charity rugby restart.




The challengers then watched a short film about a Wooden Spoon project to build a cookery bus and an outdoor area for the children at the Kobi Nazrul school which is in an extremely  deprived area of London despite being only a stone’s throw away from the opulent Canary Wharf. This video shows the challengers the sorts of projects that the funds they raise for Wooden Spoon could contribute to.

OPRO, one of the Wooden Spoon corporate sponsors also attended the day and bought a team to fit the challengers with custom made Wooden Spoon branded mouthguards that will be worn whilst playing the record breaking rugby match up Everest.

LMAX, the main corporate sponsor of the challenge talked to the challengers about why they support Wooden Spoon.

Following, it was what everyone had been waiting for…. The grand announcement of the teams. The line up is as follows:

Team Lee Team Ollie Team Shane Team Tamara   
Robin Callaway Mark Ackred Jeffrey Broderick Jon Ingarfield
Viv Worrall Roger Davies David Fenton Huw Lougher
John Curtis Lesley Davies Matthew Franklin Matt Mitchell
Mark Dean Paul Jordan Jude McKelvey Paul Watkins
Miles Hayward James O’Malley Graham Allen ( Ref)
Jess Cheesman Simon Wright


The teams were then in for a treat and tried their hand at Murder ball –  more commonly known as Wheelchair rugby – at the Solent Sharks home ground.  In wheelchair rugby physical contact between the wheelchairs is an integral part of the game and when a player is in possession of the ball they need to bounce it at least once every 10 seconds. Teams of four aim to cross the opposing team’s goal line whilst in possession of the ball.  The challengers played a fast paced , full contact game of wheelchair rugby. It was a test of strength, coordination and determination. All the skills that the challengers will require to complete their LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge.


If you would like to support our amazing team of inspirational challengers to reach their fundraising target and help children with disabilities or facing disadvantage then text Everest5 to 70085 to donate £5